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Đây là các cụm từ sưu tầm và chắc lọc lại, mời các em tham khảo:

The most important thing to consider–the most important consideration 

Whether they are supportive enough–how supportive they will be 

How big the audience will be–will it be a small group or will there be hundreds of people 

Force somebody to pay attention–make somebody pay attention 

End with… –close with… 

A mix of words and graphics–add graphics to words 

Vary speed and tone–change your tone as you speak 

Not use… - … be avoided

First of all - initially 

Minimize interruptions–reduce problems 

Sociable–friendly, chatting 

Live with a family in a house–live with a host family

be for–purpose–to do 

component– be composed of–be consist of– part of

equal to–be equivalent to

support a large weight–support up to 2 tonnes

average (adj) - an average (n) of 

a fortune– large amount of money

supply A to B –produce … 


longer than–A is noticeable soon, but B takes a lot longer 

get A from–A comes from 

add–be added 

start working on–start with

bring it to life–make it more interesting 

get…done–complete  - finish

how they were made–the way they were made 

not allowed– forbidden 

represent– in the image of

a line of– a long row of 

shape like…–be shaped 

send messages–deliver messages

a way of– a means of 


neighboring villages–villages nearby 

be necessary–be required

liquid–milk, soft drink 

origin–be sourced from 

most significant–concern me above all else 

give a set of questions to answer - hand out a questionnaire 

provide evidence about–tell us about 

prominent eyes-wide and open eyes-large eyes 

be depicted–be drawn 

contact–be brought together

reason - because


go through a transition– in a developmental phase

crime prevention measure– one possible solution

get rid of –remove

trees and bushes–vegetation

employees –staff 

your opinion–your own view


two warehouse-more locations (?)

publicize–make people more aware

discuss what to do–have a good discussion about

good quality - well-made

if there is emergency — in case of emergency

exchange contact details–give each other their contact details

leave your radio playing– leave on the radio

where to leave your spare keys– where to put your spare keys

call the nearest police station–contact local police

put in a new roundabout– change road design

video recording equipment–security camera

smashed lights–damage

Has parking - parking available

Has an unfriendly attitude - be unfriendly 

Be located in - be situated in 

Unusual – unique – especially - particularly 

Ferocity – intensity - violence 


Enlarge - add


Plenty of - tons of

Fewer - reducing

Explanation – implication-interpretation

Agree - I’ll do that


Criteria-how to grade the paper


Connect - link

Participant - who is involved

Lack of - run out of

Avoid - don’t 

Be to do with - related to 

Display - be shown 

Make… possible - be able to

Formation of - be formed



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